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Grill fire damages Catalina Foothills home

July 28, 2013

Always use or store cylinders in an upright, vertical position. Be sure to store them outdoors away from sources of ignition (i.e. heat, matches, or lighters). When a cylinder is refilled, have the supplier check for dents, damage, rust, or leaks. After filling, take the cylinder home immediately. While transporting, keep the vehicle ventilated with the cylinder valve closed and plugged or capped. When a grill is not in use, cover disconnected hose-end fittings and burner air intakes with small plastic bags, or obtain protective fitting caps from the propane gas retailer to keep out dirt, insects, and moisture. Before lighting a propane gas grill burner, use a leak-detection solution to check all connections for tightness. Contact a local propane gas retailer to obtain the leakdetection solution and instructions on how to use it. If there is a significant and uncontrollable release of gas or fire, call the fire department immediately and move all people and pets away from the unit.
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HabiStore Put a lid on it. Grilling without the lid allows heat to escape and compromises roasting. Youll want to use high heat for searing thick cuts of meat, and then lower the heat to finish cooking. Use a meat thermometer. Avoid under- or overcooking by inserting an instant-read thermometer into the sides of steaks and chops or into the thickest part of burgers and chicken to ensure that proper temperatures have been reached. Cook food to at least the minimum internal temperatures recommended by the USDA . (Ground meat: 160-165; whole cuts of meat: 145; poultry: 165; fish: 145.) Spice rubs add flavor too. Apply just before cooking or for tougher cuts, up to a day in advance to intensify flavor. Brush on the barbecue sauce near the end of the cooking time so the food will cook thoroughly without the sauce burning. And if your grill isnt what it used to be, take a look at our ratings of dozens of grills. Recommended gas grills Our gas grill tests found that the Weber Spirit SP-320 46700401 was the top-rated mid-size grill.
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Fruit and flamesGrilling brings out smoky sweetness in seasonal bounty

Eddie Firefighters saw smoke and flames when they arrived about 2 a.m. at the house in the 7100 block of North Finger Rock Place, Capt. Grant Cesarek, of Rural/Metro Fire said in a news release. The blaze appears to have started from an unattended built-in gas grill. The heat melted the grills shut off valve and fire from the pressurized gas lines created direct flame on the home, Cesarek said. Firefighters were able to confine the fire to the homes upstairs patio, he said. There were no injuries and a damage estimate had not yet been determined. Tags
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Get the most out of your gas grill with these six barbecue tips

Posted: Sunday, July 28, 2013 12:01 am Fruit and flamesGrilling brings out smoky sweetness in seasonal bounty By ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, The Fresno Bee The Press of Atlantic City Media Group Hunks of juicy meat aren't the only things you can throw on the barbecue this time of year, think about putting some grill marks on peaches, cantaloupe, nectarines and even grapes. Grilling fruit can be a great way to enjoy the best of the Valley's seasonal bounty. Some may ask, why grill fruit when you can just as easily enjoy it fresh? Jonathon Perkins, executive chef for Erna's Elderberry House in Oakhurst, Calif., says the hot coals or gas grill caramelize the sugars in the fruit, creating a smoky sweetness. "It adds a nice texture and flavor to a dish," Perkins says. Grilled fruit can be eaten as is, with ice cream or combined in a recipe for a new taste. It's also another way to add healthy food to your diet. For starters, pick fruit that is ripe but firm. For tree fruit, some like to slice the fruit in half, remove the pit and place on the grill cut side down. You can also quarter the fruit, making sure the slices are big enough to not fall through the grill.
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